Creating a RaspberryPi Kiosk

#601 / / Nat Welch

I love having things on my walls. I love screens just showing random stuff. I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to make an inactive screen that just displays content.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-21

#600 / / Nat Welch

This is another post in my continuing series of things that I am consuming online that are making me #happy.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-14

#599 / / Nat Welch

Sunday #happy link post.

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Don't laugh at other's downtime

#598 / / Nat Welch

While I was at Google, I heard a piece of advice (I think from @xleem… or maybe @isomer?), which I think about often:

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#597 / / Nat Welch

I like to write. I’m happier when I have a random idea for a blog post, and then sit down and pound it out.

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What's making me happy 2016-08-07

#596 / / Nat Welch

Hey all, #happy time.

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First Seven Jobs

#595 / / Nat Welch

There’s a whole hashtag thing going on on twitter called #firstsevenjobs. According to Twitter Moments, a tweet by Marian Call started the whole thing.

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The problem is always people.

#594 / / Nat Welch

Another reminder that the problem is always people. Technology is great for spreading information and improving the world, but never forget, people created that technology, and people use the technology… and people always fuck up. Always.

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World Sized Code Changes

#593 / / Nat Welch

Google has one single codebase. It’s one gigantic repo with all of the code inside of it. Google always builds its projects from head, which means if you change an API, and lots of people use it, you need to update their code as well.

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What's making me happy 2016-07-31

#592 / / Nat Welch

Ok, it’s been a real long while, but lets try and do a #happy post. I’ll try and not include a single article on US Politics, even though that’s a large portion of my media intake these days.

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Happy SysAdmin Day 2016

#591 / / Nat Welch

It is once again, SysAdmin Day. When I remember (or when the day shows up on my social media), I like to celebrate this day.

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The past two weeks have been incredibly busy. First we had a week of publishing new websites and apps to compete with the RNC:

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Two podcasts on creating

#589 / / Nat Welch

I really enjoyed these two podcasts:

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The end of #tenbysix

#587 / / Nat Welch

In January of 2016, I started a project of 100:10:1. This idea was pretty simple in theory, but hard in execution. I first wrote a post collecting one hundred ideas. I talked them over with friends, and then set off on #tenbysix. Ten by Six was an attempt to build ten minimal viable projects in six months.

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Second quarter of 2016 retrospective

#588 / / Nat Welch

Well it’s July. July means it’s the third quarter of the year. When the second quarter of 2016 started, I wrote a quarterly review of the first quarter of 2016. I really liked that. So I figured I’d do it again. Switching from yearly retrospectives adds an extra “umph” to remind me what I’m doing and why. It’s also incredibly helpful because the campaign is forcing me to think so short term. I constantly need to recenter and remind myself what is happening, what has happened and where I am going.

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#586 / / Nat Welch

Just realized I didn’t post about this here. Earlier this week I put out a blog post at work on #chatops at the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

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Instagram hates developers

#585 / / Nat Welch

I love the internet. The internet is a place where people can create amazing content and share it among their peers. They can post a video of themselves singing and get a recording contact. They can create art inspired by their favorite art and share it with millions of people. They can share fresh ideas with their industry. Or whatever they want. Because in general, the internet is a place to allow for people to share content openly.

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Project #tenbysix Update #19

#584 / / Nat Welch

So, It’s been seventeen days since my last update. Don’t worry, the shame is strong. I’ve been trying to come up with reasons for why I slacked on this. Is it burn out? Is it depression? Do I just not have enough time? Something else? I’ll ruminate about this somewhere, but for now, here’s an update. Only five weeks left!

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Project #tenbysix Update #16

#582 / / Nat Welch

I made some progress on #tenbysix this week. Not as much as I would have liked due to !!con, but some.

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Tuna Please!

#581 / / Nat Welch

Note: Please read the updates as well, as the first part of this article has bugs.

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What's making me happy 2016-04-30

#580 / / Nat Welch

Ok! Another late #happy post…!

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Project #tenbysix Update #15

#579 / / Nat Welch

Yikes, I missed #tenbysix update number fourteen. All that bravado in number thirteen, and then just ball dropped.

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What's making me happy 2016-04-23

#578 / / Nat Welch

Ok. So I missed a week. I’ll admit, I’m a little burnt out. But here we are. On time for a post full of #happy!

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Project #tenbysix Update #13

#576 / / Nat Welch

Sure, we could talk about how there was no update number twelve, or that over the past three weeks I have made no real progress on any of my projects, but that would be a defeatist attitude.

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Genius Web Annotations

#575 / / Nat Welch

After listening to Reply All #61, I decided it was time to re-look into Genius Web Annotations. I’ve enabled their javascript on every post. Give it a try.

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What's making me happy 2016-04-09

#574 / / Nat Welch

Ok, so last weekend I totally failed on getting a post out on time. So much so that the following week is almost over… So here’s a look back into the past on what’s making me #happy.

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End of the first; Start of the second

#572 / / Nat Welch

So the first quarter of 2016 is over. As such, it’s time to reflect.

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Google Campaign Donations Part 2

#571 / / Nat Welch

As a followup to my previous post on Google employee campaign contributions, I found a bug in my scraping script, and reran the data with the most recent FEC data (this is accurate as of scraping five minutes ago).

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Project #tenbysix Update #11

#570 / / Nat Welch

I’m really stuck right now on #tenbysix. I’m having total architectural block. My brain just needs to code something to make progress, but it’s not happening.

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What's making me happy 2016-04-02

#569 / / Nat Welch

I for some reason don’t really remember last week… so I’m just going to dig through some articles I read, try and find some #happy in there.

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