Day 44 (RC 24)

I think this tweet summarizes most of my feelings. RC is set up so that there are always two active batches, one half-way through, and one just starting. Until today, I was in the early batch. Enjoying my six weeks as part of the newbie group. But Thursday was the last day of that. We wished the Spring 1, 2015 Batch a fairwell with a party in the park.

Before the farewell, Pam and I presented the project I had been working on with Pam and Cole, ShhParty. Our presentation went pretty well, it only had one small technical glitch.

getting ready

Now for two weeks off (RC is having an Alumni week next week, and then closed for a week) and then back to the second half of RC.




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I spent early morning fighting with gcloud, which had pushed a bad version. I fixed and simplified some of my feed generation code for my blog, but couldn't deploy it.

Spent most of the day preparing for RC's Job Fair. That meant spending time thinking about what I want for the future and questions that I wanted to ask companies. The question I came up with that I had the most fun asking was "Who at your company inspires you?". I want to use this more when talking to companies. I got a lot of interesting answers.

I spent the day working with Pam on finishing ShhParty. We got to the point where everything worked flawlessly. Next step is make it shiny.