The Long Weekend (Days 45 - 48)

My parents visited this weekend, so I played tour guide for a city I've been in for about seven weeks. It was fun, although I'm pretty exhausted.

Day 45

I spent a large portion of Friday building a Drum Machine. It's source code is on github at icco/gene. It barely works, but it's progress.

In the evening, I had a sushi dinner with my family (Lydia, David and Travis).

Day 46

We spent Saturday morning exploring. We started at Penn Station and walked south on the Highline. We got off before the end and explored a bunch of galleries in Chelsea, and had a delicious lunch at a little french restaurant.

We then took the subway down to Washington Square to show my parents it had changed in the last thirty years ("it's not full of drugs and dirt!"). From there we wandered south through SoHo, glancing in all of the fancy shops.

We rested back at the hotel, and then in the evening went to the new Whitney in Meatpacking. It was gorgeous. Cool architecture, an interesting collection and beautiful views.


On the subway home after dinner, I listened to Debbie Millman's Interview with Elle Luna which was a really interesting story of how Elle found her passion and changed her career. Made me want to get into dream journaling or something, as this is a topic I've been thinking a lot about the last few years.

Whitney 8th Floor Pano

Day 47

Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day with a nice brunch buffet. Travis and my Dad went south to check out B&H and the Brooklyn Bridge. My Mom and I walked up through Central Park to the Met and checked out a bunch of art.

In the evening, we had a nice italian dinner with Aaron.

Chinese Fashion

Day 48

The last day my family was in town, Monday, we walked through the Central Park Ramble and over to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonia Design Museum. It was really cool. A little chaotic, but a great collection showing art and how people interact with the world.