Day 43 (RC 23)

Spent most of the day preparing for RC's Job Fair. That meant spending time thinking about what I want for the future and questions that I wanted to ask companies. The question I came up with that I had the most fun asking was "Who at your company inspires you?". I want to use this more when talking to companies. I got a lot of interesting answers.

Before the Job Fair, Nick and Jesse led a bunch of us to an Arcade in China Town, which was fun.

The Job Fair was fun, I enjoyed talking to all of the companies. Lots of really interesting problems, people and stories.

Probably the most surprising company that was at the fair was Flocabulary. Flocabulary has an interesting take on education: creating rap music for kids to teach them things. They are in 25 percent of K-12 schools in the US, which was pretty cool as well.

Panorama view from Six Sigma