Day 42 (RC 22)

I started writing my submission for Code Words.

I spent an hour or so debugging why ShhParty stopped working. Couldn't come up with a good reason.

Attended a PGP keysigning party, signed up for keybase.io and got in a long discussion on the realities of trust and identity.

Took a long walk.

Rewatched The Wind Rises.




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Spent most of the day preparing for RC's Job Fair. That meant spending time thinking about what I want for the future and questions that I wanted to ask companies. The question I came up with that I had the most fun asking was "Who at your company inspires you?". I want to use this more when talking to companies. I got a lot of interesting answers.

I spent the day working with Pam on finishing ShhParty. We got to the point where everything worked flawlessly. Next step is make it shiny.