Day 99 (RC 46)

Wednesday, second to last day of RC and NYC (for now). Early on in the day I added pagination to my blog's index page. I finally only show the last 50 posts, instead of all of them. Ken helped me fix the archive page to be bounded by months I have posted in. I had some complicated boolean logic, and we stepped back and turned it into a much simpler for loop.

before firstfix

I also was able to fix the alignment to allow for the days to be all lined up.


This then transitioned into helping Ken ruberduck his Java byte code generation project.

After a nice coffee walk, we continued iteration on the "Recurser Social Directory". You can't visit if you aren't in RC, but here is a screen shot of where we got on Wednesday.


In the evening I checked into a nice hotel in FiDi and wrote my "Farewell" sentences to everyone. I've realized there are a few people in my batch I was not nearly social enough with. sadnat.com.