Nat? Nat. Nat!

Day 98 (RC 45)

Tuesday was pretty low key. I shipped a package of stuff that wouldn't fit in my suitcase back to my parents, and had breakfast at Baz with John.

In the afternoon, I led a session on trying to quickly build a web app of John's design. It was like pair programming, but as Jesse better named it, mob programming. I coded on the projector and explained everything I was doing and people interjected here and there.

Tomorrow we're doing design, which I imagine will be much more contentious.

In the evening I ran movie night and showed people Paprika. Still fantastic, still insane.




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Today I collected a lot of advice. I was like a rock on a beach, every wave of advice polishing me a little more.

Wednesday, second to last day of RC and NYC (for now). Early on in the day I added pagination to my blog's index page. I finally only show the last 50 posts, instead of all of them. Ken helped me fix the archive page to be bounded by months I have posted in. I had some complicated boolean logic, and we stepped back and turned it into a much simpler for loop.