I Love Time

Lets talk about #time. I really like time, I find it a fascinating subject. And ever since I learned about NTP, I've been in love with the idea that the world has infrastructure for managing time.

In highschool, I setup a Stratum 2 time provider for the NTP Pool and dreamed of one day being able to afford a hardware module to add to my server to be able to add myself to the Stratum 1 providers.

While reading and enjoying all the Leap Second
news (like John Oliver's video and website) I came across two things.

First, I was reminded of the insanity of the Time Zone Database. It's a database that groups the world into areas of space where there has been different time keeping measures since 1970. Just look at this map. This is only 45 years of timekeeping history. It's insanity.


The other thing was that SparkFun (everyone's favorite electronics provider) posted an article about Leap Second Day. They apparently have a bunch of GPS modules that are super small and easy to integrate o Arduino and build a clock off of. This amazes me. You used to need to drop a few hundred bucks to build something this accurate.

Anyways, infrastructure is awesome. And I love clocks.



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