Yikes, I missed #tenbysix update number fourteen. sadnat.com. All that bravado in number thirteen, and then just ball dropped.

Stuff I worked on this week:

I wrote the client for enki.garden. I need to change my initial design after some research. My first pass that I build this weekend creates a json file with data about every file on my computer. But running tree -if / showed that I had over 2.5 million files on my personal laptop... which is a large json file, even when compressed (about 30Mb compressed). I tried Gob (this is all written in go), but it was equally large. I'm going to try Gorilla ProtoRPC next, because Google App Engine doesn't support golang's net/rpc. But I think that's going to be just as bad.

I also haven't figured out how to tell the server a file has been deleted, because right now the client has no state... all the state is in the server.

I also worked on Forgetful, and got a basic service that took any text you highlighted in OS X (using Automator) and wrote it to a simple web server. It has no authentication or what not, but it's a simple service running locally now.

Projects I didn't touch:

Yay for getting back on the train after three weeks of uselessness!



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Sure, we could talk about how there was no update number twelve, or that over the past three weeks I have made no real progress on any of my projects, but that would be a defeatist attitude.

I'm really stuck right now on #tenbysix. I'm having total architectural block. My brain just needs to code something to make progress, but it's not happening.