Project #tenbysix Update #13

Sure, we could talk about how there was no update number twelve, or that over the past three weeks I have made no real progress on any of my projects, but that would be a defeatist attitude.

"I have not yet begun to fight!" -- John Paul Jones

This is #tenbysix! I must push on, because defeat is not an option. I listened to Longform w/ Elizabet Gilbert, and she talked about how most of creative work is sticking to a project and not getting distracted by the new shiny every six months. So I'm trying to take her advice, and focus on my goal. My goal of shipping ten small projects by the end of June.

Stuff I worked on this week:

Nothing! Although as I'm writing this I am thinking about Forgetful, because I got an email from highly. I loved their design, so I figure I should go and try and replicate it.


But as soon as I start playing around with the UI, I am once again curious, what is the best input method for this? A mac app? A chrome extension? A text box? I have no idea.

Note taking is such a strange thing. I guess at the end of the day I want to help remember important things. I love how Genius's web annotation looks and works, but it only works inside of chrome.




The goal of this is so I remember quotes I like. Additional cool things would be to autosave to pinboard.in, which is where I bookmark most of what I read online. Oh, and if it could scrape all of my highlights off of Amazon Kindle. That'd be awesome.

Speaking of Kindle, I came across speric/kindle-highlights, which has some basic scraping ability to get all of the highlights.

Blargh, anyway, I'm going to go get breakfast with the @onuniverse team. Maybe tonight I'll actually get some code written.

Projects I didn't touch: