What's making me happy 2016-04-23

Ok. So I missed a week. I'll admit, I'm a little burnt out. But here we are. On time for a post full of #happy!

First off if you're a Warriors fan (or just like watching basketball), check out this highlight tape of their regular season.

I haven't mentioned it, but I finished Billions which is a fantastic drama, with an amazing season finale.

I've been addicted to two new albums the last few weeks. The new Weezer album makes me feel like I'm in middle school again, and is a fantastic return to their classic form. Then new Moderat album, iii is my go to coding music right now. If you can get your hands on their three disk deluxe edition, the instrumentals and remixes are just as amazing as the album itself.

Podcasts. Oh Podcasts. How I love you so. I never really listened to them until a few years ago @dmpatierno (whose birthday was April 23rd... Happy Birthday!) introduced me to Roderick on the line. I've never looked back, and some of my favorite podcasts continue to be interviews. Since I last posted, I've listened to some fantastic interviews:

Some articles I really enjoyed these past two weeks:

I never followed Prince's music career closely, but after his death, I've been working through his discography. I discovered N.E.W.S, and I highly recommend it, if you need something completely different from his 80's pop. You can hear it on Youtube.

I hope you have a wonderful week!