Ok, what made me #happy last week:

Drake's Hotline Bling has been sweeping the internet. @alexbaldwin's Hotline Bling MEGAMix takes this mediocre song and stretches it into an addictive forty minutes. Now I can't stop humming "You used to call me on your cell phone..."

Once you're ready to get the song out of your head, check out @alexbaldwin's other genius creation this week, Console.FM #15. It had me tapping my feet through the entire mix.

@niket recommeded Antifragile. So far it's been a great read (I'm about 20 percent in). The author seems like a bit of a jerk, but has some very interesting ideas. The Goodreads reviews seem to be pretty polarizing, so it'll be interesting to see what I think at the end.