Day 58

Got the general content of my Code Words article done and @staringispolite gave me a bunch of good advice on how to make it better. Gotta think about that and try and get a little more structure into my post.

Also took the train back from Philly. That was very pleasant, such an easy train ride. I wish I wasn't so exhausted though.




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Day 5 was slow, wandered around Greenpoint, read a lot. Hacker School / Recurse Center starts tomorrow.

I started today (Tuesday) off with a phone call with Two Sigma. Not sure what to think about them yet, but they seem to be doing some interesting stuff.

Monday. I didn't get much done. A meeting didn't happen, I bought a jacket for a funeral and got a haircut.

Friday! I talked to @reed and @jollysonali (in two unrelated separate conversations) about jobs, life, hiring people, building companies and other random stuff.