What's making me happy 2017-02-04

All right kids, #happy February!

Microsoft announces open source Git Virtual File System. This makes me really excited. In college I helped work on a Git based filesystem, and we never got it quite right. Google has something like this, and I loved using it. Excited for the day when I can just mount all of github.

Time looks like a neat app. I don't have an iPhone, but young people made it, and it looks slick.

Y Combinator welcomes ACLU is weird, but I guess it's one way to solve ACLU's "what do we do with all this money" problem.

A friend posted The Egg on Facebook. I'm surprised I had never read it before, it's quite good.

I love when people write up how easy Let's Encrypt is, and @ifosteve has done just that: Setup Let's Encrypt with NGINX.

2017 is a Cyberpunk Dystopia.

GitLab.com Database Incident is a fascinating read for software engineers.

I've always enjoyed @yonatanzunger. His rants at Google were quite famous. His newest post on Medium, Trial Balloon for a Coup? is quite good as well.

I love @ifixit, and I'm super excited they are celebrating 10 Years of iPhone.

A magical machine learning art tool is a neat read by @b0rk.

That's all for this week! Have a good one.