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What's making me happy 2016-04-09

By Nat Welch

Ok, so last weekend I totally failed on getting a post out on time. So much so that the following week is almost over… So here’s a look back into the past on what’s making me #happy.

T.J. Miller Has a Seizure is an interesting take on a really scary life story told in a humerous way.

Man reads books with fake covers on subway made me laugh.

The ROGUE ONE trailer is out. Let the hype train begin.

Three words I did not entirely expect together: flying chainsaw drone.

The Atlantic did a pretty good write up on “What Are the Panama Papers?”. This was a huge thing, and I’m expecting the ramifications of the Panama Papers to continue to be large.

Anyways, sorry it’s so short. I probably listened to some good podcasts too or something…