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OK, so, I made this resolution to try building things using the 100:10:1 pattern. So here is a list of one hundred ideas of things I could build out. Note that throughout this post, I could easily replace the words "web site" with "app" and vice versa. The things listed below have no promise of being good ideas, just ideas.

  • A web site for promoting building things in two month stints, ala Strip Search
  • A web site for sharing project ideas to inspire people
  • Another TODO website
  • An RSS reader focused on giving you five articles a day that you have to read
  • A meal planning and sharing site
  • A Sinatra-esque task queue
  • A service focused on making it easy for people to create and host static sites
  • A Javascript story game, kind of like something telltale would make
  • An OKR website
  • An online dictionary that imitates the ease of access of a normal dictionary
  • A project idea generator
  • A site that teaches you one random thing a day
  • A slack bot that shares all of the blog posts and tweets and photos members of a slack make
  • An alarm clock that doesn't try too hard to wake you up
  • A website for sharing playlists
  • A Heroku clone
  • Given a Soundcloud playlist, generate a Youtube video
  • A game that teaches you math through text messages
  • Add more languages to
  • A Starfox shooter clone with dubstep
  • A script that mirrors your entire twitter history into a git repo
  • A go clone of
  • An android client for DayOne
  • A site that recommends what book to read next based on your to-read list and what book you finished recently on Goodreads
  • A go IRC bot
  • A tool for coordinating D&D campaigns
  • A site that scrapes all of your social media and gives you a historical look at what you did on a day by day basis
  • A simple monitoring app that takes a list of URLs and starts monitoring them over time.
  • A lock server built on top of the block chain
  • A good voice recorder for Android
  • A web indexer and crawler
  • A personal internet archive
  • A mail box flood website. Give us money and an address, and we'll send them mail with exponentially more mail over time until the mail runs out.
  • Give an address and $2, get a generated piece of art in the mail
  • Poetry generator
  • College admission essay generator
  • Implement NTP client in Javascript
  • Code review tool with type annotating
  • A version of that sends pull requests to fix issues
  • A bot net that joins IRC channels and starts having discussions arguing about politics and religion at the level of drunk high school students
  • A site that acts as a virus to share all episodes ever published of essential mix
  • A dating app with no pictures or demographic information
  • A matrix type message board that is completely anonymous
  • Reimplement the anxiety box
  • Generate random city maps
  • Progress bar game, the online website
  • Pandora for Youtube
  • Open source iTunes clone
  • Open source Dropbox
  • Raspberry pi mesh network for sharing files
  • Android app for mapping WiFi access points
  • Build some sort of social bot
  • A video game about a mech-warrior road trip
  • A video game about Gandalf in Tokyo
  • A video game of Neuromancer meets Zelda
  • Some sort of ARG around delivering packages to people using mobile phones and BLE
  • Somehow mix something like the listening post ( and gameplay
  • A map of the world that uses a fog of war and foursquare check-ins to show you where you have been and where you haven't
  • A site that summarizes movies by the colors they use
  • Porn + Twilio translation API = comedy?
  • A book sharing website. Like a library but online
  • A site for sharing timelines
  • An app for chronicling all of the friends in your life. The book from Hunger Games +
  • Some sort of twitter bot based off of scraping the internet (inspired by
  • A 3D Javascript rendering of one of those wooden dolls used for modeling and sketching
  • A drum machine
  • A site that generates random road trips
  • A site that gives you a coffee shop to walk to based on your past foursquare check-ins and how much time you have
  • An app that reminds you to take a walk today
  • A Kickstarter recommendation engine
  • An app that draws pictures with intersecting circles
  • An app that plays a different 10 second piano ditty when you open it
  • An advertising platform for RC
  • An elevator simulator
  • An essential mix database
  • A gif library app
  • A clone of @modernheadlines using as a dataset
  • A clone of @archillect using as a dataset
  • A site that shows rent prices by subway stops in NY
  • A clone of to store personal highlights of websites
  • A site for analyzing highlights in kindle books
  • Some sort of digital dead-drop WiFi thing
  • Rebuild
  • Javascript library that adds generic commenting like Medium has to any page
  • Create a number station that sends messages with colors
  • Some sort of Tamagotchi clone that uses AR
  • A site for sharing good wandering plans for cities
  • Build a slat clock out of a raspberry pi
  • Build a site that shows a view of faraway places
  • A media recommendation engine to recommend new shows based off of usage
  • A Vanguard fund recommendation engine
  • A SimCity AI
  • A SimTower AI
  • An alternate reality video game focused on the secret lives of squirrels
  • A telephone based AI
  • A dynamically generated MUD
  • A text-message based MUD
  • Turn cowsay into a MMS service (generate a cute picture and quote and text it to people once a day)
  • Due some sort of cool art project with
  • Build a couch surfing application for RC
  • Build a version of Harajuku Fun Madness from Little Brother

OK! 101 ideas. Now the next step is to prune them all and figure out what I want. I'm gonna compare notes with @ifosteve on Saturday and see what's up.




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