What's making me happy 2016-01-09

Ok, so this post on #happy is super late... but I'll try to act as if it's still Saturday, and only include stuff from last week.

This American Life did a segment titled "Poetry of Propaganda". I find propaganda really interesting and this radio show reminded me of all the different ways it can go. This episode actually caused me to go read about the Smith-Mundt Act which legalized the use of certain types of propaganda by the US Government.

The New York Times has a fun article titled 52 Places to Go in 2016. I liked this mainly due to the fantastic use of gifs throughout the article, but also there were a lot of fun places to visit.

@jdherg shared These 20 Movies Are Vying For Best Picture At The 2016 Oscars with me. I'm really curious to hear which will win. There were lots of good movies this year that I just didn't see.

Polygon has a great look at the games of 2016. Hilariously, the preface it with some games listed in their 2015 version of this article never shipped.

For some #music fun, check out littledrummertoy by Ableton. It's a cool site.

The Atlantic's An Economist's Guide to Tidying Your Apartment reminded me that I want to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Maybe this year I'll actually get on that.

Have a good one!