What's making me happy 2016-01-02

2016! Let's be honest, I much prefer even numbers to odd numbers, so a new even year is making me pretty #happy.

There were two fantastic interviews with President Obama I watched this week. One by NPR was very serious. One by Jerry Seinfeld was pretty hilarious.

Also in the world of interviews, I finally listened to Terry Gross interviewed by Marc Maron. Such a fantastic interview. It's interesting to hear how much Terry Gross struggles with being the interviewee.

I loved George R.R. Martin's fantasticly transparent view into the progress on Winds of Winter this year. It's a sad article to read as a fan, but his willingness to share was amazing.

In the world of security, after 32c3 this month, some people started seeing weird log messages in their apache logs.

I really liked the blog post Shields Down by @rands. It really got me thinking about how attrition works at businesses.

I also finally read Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky which is just a great read about Urban Exploration, which I discovered after listening to the The Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award episode of Longform from 2014.

In the world of gear and fashion, Outlier Clothsography, which shows every piece of clothing Outlier has ever created has been really interesting to scroll through. And for some reason, @t's Mozlando Packing Photo scratched a similar itch in my brain.

Finally, Goodreads Top Quotes of 2015 showed me this wonderful quote:

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself." -- Sara Henderson