Music + Techno-Crack = Last.FM

So you know what my favorite web 2.0 website is? Last.FM of course.

They recently pushed their beta site design live, and it's beautiful. I've been using it to listen to music at work which has been amazing. I enjoy it more than Pandora, mainly because it isn't so ad heavy.

My history with Last.fm is strange to say the least. I started using their services back when they were AudioScrobbler. I really liked the concept of the data collection they were doing. They logged every song I listened to on my computer, on multiple media players. Since then the site has been was merged into Last.FM and I've loved it ever since.

Some of the features Last.FM has added recently I really like:

  • iPod Scrobbling (they track the music I listen to on my iPod as well as my computer)
  • Full Tracks, not just the 30 second clips they used to have
  • A powerful API. There used to be a decent API from AudioScrobler, but it has since been upgraded by Last.FM and they have added a cool app gallery.

The app gallery should really be highlighted here. Mainly because it allows access to historical data of what you have been listening to for a long period of time (four years for me I think).

Anyway, check Last.FM out if you haven't already. If you want to add me as a friend or see my musical tastes, it is located here.

Happy Weekend, /Nat

p.s. check out The Perfect ringtone

p.s.s. In case you didn't know, my dream job is to work for these folks. That has nothing to do with this post though. :p