Day 29 (RC 15)

A lot of today was spent "Rubber Ducking" with Ken. If you haven't heard the term before, that's cool, it's relatively new to me to. The idea is that you talk through what you're going to build to a rubber duck before you build it. Since Ken has been iterating on the design for the backend for client side prediction in our game, I've been acting as a rubber duck (with a few more opinions than a piece of rubber) working through the ideas. It has been helpful for both of us to make sure we know how this might work.

I spent some time trying to help Heidi getting uploading to Flickr with JavaScript working. We were unable to make progress.

I tried to catch up with a bunch of people via IM, and had video chats with @dmpatierno, my Mom and my brother.

Late at night, I finally fixed our watch script. This script (when you run make or ./watch) rebuilds the go server whenever a go file changes. It was infinite looping because when the server built, it would detect the server building and start fresh... #facepalm.

I also didn't mention yesterday, but I finally set up my workspace. I can feel my posture improving slowly but surely, although I do miss my 30" monitor...


#hackerschool (I really need to code up alias support so I can start writing #recursecenter)