Day 28 (RC 14)


Ken fixed a ton of bugs in Hyperspace, I refactored the JS a little. Not a productive Hyperspace day.

I chated with Sonali a little bit. Reminded me to think about the future a little. RC has a lot of cool companies it works with, but most are in NYC, which I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to, nor do I know the kind of gig I'd want... lots of thoughts to be had.

Listened to Mykola's fantastic mixes from vyvn pretty much on repeat all day. Sounds like vyvn is a pretty cool Burning Man camp, makes me want to get back out to the playa.

Did some research into things I might want to build for the Soundscapes Hackathon on Saturday.

Photo from @mrmrs_'s http://gfffs.com/