Days 79 - 83 (RC 35 & 36)

Ok, I had a weird set of days. Lets see if I can break it all down and also combine my notes and memories to makes something somewhat coherent.

Thursday (Day 79 / RC 35)

On Thusday we had a "Design Kata". We got together as a group of about tweleve people and read through "How Eventbrite Onboards New Users". After a reading we did a rough sketch of what we thought a new homepage would look like. While doing this, we came aross a few cool sites that people had used:

I found UnSplash especially interesting, and ended up writing a script to download all images from the site. There are about 4GB of images on the site, as a fair warning.

I watched some anime (I'm slowly working through The Irregular at Magic High School, which has an interesting approach to magic, but is overall pretty bad) and continued my reread of Transmetropolitan. I then grabbed dinner, came back, turned on the Warriors game, and played a really long game of Dominion). Once the game was over, I started talking with James, Steve, Kamal and Mudit (I think others were there too... but my memory gets pretty fuzy). While talking, I finally started setting up a Raspberry Pi to play 1080p video on the projector. By the time it was working, it was 3am, and everyone but James and Mudit had gone home. We then made the brilliant decision to stay at RC till 5am when the breakfast places opened and the trains started running express again. We watched some Blade Runner, saw a bit of the sunrise, and I finally got home around 7:30.

Friday (Day 80)

I got back into RC around 1400, and quickly went over to a meeting with Max from Keybase. Max was super interesting to talk to, and the stuff Keybase is planning sounds really cool.

Around 1800, I met up with Mark and Tracy. We had some delicious Thai food, and then went and saw Sleep No More). The play was amazing, but I also have no idea what I saw over the three hours. Confused, inspired and tired, I stumbled home.

Saturday (Day 81)

Mark, Tracy and I visited the Met and went to Katz. Stuffed and arted out, I went home and slept for a long time.

Sunday (Day 82)

I think I left the house around noon, and headed to the Financial District. I ate lunch, and then wandered over to the 9 / 11 Memorial. I continued wandering, stopping in a few places to read and drink. I finished my re-reads of Transmetropolitan and Snow Crash. I'm amazed out how relevant those two both still are.

In the evening I went and saw the Entourage Movie) and sat in a bar to watch the Warriors game.

Monday (Day 83 / RC 36)

I had bagels with Mark and Tracy before their flight and then spent the day working on gene, my Javascript drum machine.

None of these vines have sound, thus making them less interesting, but here is the basic progress today:

Tomorrow's goal is to get different drum sets and configurable patterns working. You can create patterns by clicking right now, but everything longer than one measure looks really weird and is hard to navigate.


In the evening, I played another game of Dominion, and then headed home early, hoping to maybe get a good nights sleep...