Day 78 (RC 34)

Only 22 days left in NYC! Weird.

On Wednesday I read two articles on burnout. Considering I very much felt burnt out when I left my previous job, it was nice to see that other people had gone through similar mental pathways.

I talked with April about Boggle and Python dictionaries. I learned a few things, which was nice.

I went for a few walks, I just wasn't feeling like coding. In the evening I had ramen with Jeanne and Sarah. So delicious, so much fun.

Pre-Ramen Photo!




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I spent all of Monday working with Ken to finish up Hyperspace, our multiplayer asteroids clone. We presented it Monday night in front of a bunch of alumni and current recursers, and it was well received.

Arrived in NYC at 7am, took a cab home, passed out in my bed.

Today was the first truly bad commute in NYC. Train got stuck for at least fifteen minutes, so I ended up abandoning the G train and walking a bit, which was fine, because it was gorgeous out! During my walk and long commute, I listened to the latest Design Matters. Morley talked about how a mentor told her to look in the mirror and say "I love you" every day for a year. I found this concept frightening, which is very interesting to me. Her following point really hit the idea home, which was "if you can't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you" (paraphrased). Later in the day, I was watching Kendrick Lamar perform "i", and I realized he was saying the same thing, so I read through the lyrics. The annotations led me to this gem by Kendrick: