Day 40

I slept in! It was glorius.

I finally fixed http://code.natwelch.com, which had been broken because I was too aggresively caching the homepage.

I read through the RC Companies list, and came across ones that might be interesting. Like I said on Saturday, these are purely investigated based on interestingness, not based on location or available positions.

I also checked out Kickstarter's Job page, which sounded interesting. I checked it out after reading a NYT article on failed projects.

In the afternoon, I went and saw The Bjork Exhibit at the MOMA. The audio portions were amazing, as were the costumes, but it was a little short.

I had burgers and beer with Aaron and Kristen, watched Game of Thrones, and then went to sleep.




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Spent today at the Guggenheim seeing three amazing exhibits (and one kind of meh):

RC is holding Never Graduate Week. This is actually a pretty cool idea, it's basically an alumni week that brings a lot of people to NYC to work together as if they were still actively attending RC. This is nice, because RC operates similar to the idea of an Eagle Scout. Recursers are told to "Never Graduate" and because of this, are Recursers for life. This is similar to Eagle Scouts, in that when a Scout acheives the rank of Eagle, they are told to basically lead by example to improve society and those around them.

Day 5 was slow, wandered around Greenpoint, read a lot. Hacker School / Recurse Center starts tomorrow.