Day 39

Today I spent a bunch of time and beat Broken Age Act 2. I sadly couldn't find my name in the backer section of the credits... Oh well. Great game.

I grabbed coffee with Lindsay, which was nice.

In the evening I read through HN's Who's Hiring May 2015. These threads used to be such small startups, and now posts from the likes of Microsoft and IBM, along with three person startups, car building robot companies and other stuff, from all around the world. Pretty nuts to see the community growing.

I really don't know what kind of position I'd be interested in post RC, so I figured skimming through companies out there would be a decent first step. RC is also having a job fair on Wednesday, so this is an attempt to get my head in the game. The only criteria for showing up in this list was "could be interesting" with no filtering on me being qualified (some of these aren't even software jobs) or being a location I want to be.

From a quick scan of their post, and their website, I tried to summarize what was what.

So many of these companies have horrible job posts or horrible websites. Hard to tell what they actually do or what they actually want. So weird.

Next I want to go through the RC company list (companies that have hiring agreements with RC) and see if there are any in there that I find interesting.