Day 38

Started the day nice and slow. Clicked around on the internet, did my laundry, played some more Broken Age, read some more of The Innovators, etc.

When I got into RC, I continued my exploration about building a drum machine in HTML. I liked the idea behind html5drummachine.com, but preferred the look of Stepkit. I was thinking of making something like Stepkit, but was optimized for mobile, and allowed for the recording of new drumkits through your mic (on the fly sampling yo!). Sadly I also discovered that Chrome Webview on Android doesn't support the Audio API, and I have a feeling (but found no listing of it) the iOS webview doesn't either. Anyways, still probably going to be my next project.

Pam mentioned she was tracking the talkpay thing happening on twitter, and I decided to see if I could whip up a scraper. So I did. Yay! Right now it's pretty basic, but it's at https://hashtagsearch.herokuapp.com/, and the source is at https://github.com/icco/hashtags.

Happy Friday!