First Day; First Look

I just realized I posted this on Facebook but not out to the wider world. So heads up, I'm making moves after three months of unemployment.

Starting today (March 20th, 2017), I will be the Lead Site Reliability Engineer at First Look Media. I've been looking to get closer to Journalism, and this is a small and up and coming media company, so this should be a wild ride.

For those interested in checking out some of the projects FLM works on, here is some interesting work they've put out:

This means I'll be staying in New York for the foreseeable future. I will still be living in Brooklyn, and working near Union Square. So for those of you looking to visit NY, my inflatable mattress will be continue to be available for all visitors if you want to visit.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with the job hunting, and everyone that put up with me during my time of recovery and aimless wandering. Here's to a slightly calmer 2017.



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