Ok, let's do this. I was on a decent roll, but it wasn't a good enough habit to withstand travel, or the pre-travel anxiety I guess.

So, what's making me #happy? Well, I successfully gave a talk at SRECon to a room full of my peers (everywhere I looked, I saw ex-coworkers or friends of friends). Let me tell you, the old "imagine them in underwear" advice doesn't work when you know 20% of the crowd. People seemed to like the talk which was cool.

I also went to PAX East with @mel_cantrell right before SRECon. It was fun, but I'm realizing I'm just getting old and disconnected from the scene. I think now I just need to read things like 11 games you missed at PAX East. The game of the show for us though was totally Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Speaking of things I am excited about. Github put out A formal spec for GitHub Flavored Markdown. Considering the shitshow that is the markdown parsing on this blog, this excites me.

I've wanted my own version of Internet Archive or Archive.is for a while. So I bought http://archive.city a few days ago and started playing with iipc/openwayback and some of the projects in machawk1/awesome-memento. Nothing to share yet, but I'm slowly working on it.

The Verge released a story on Genius laying people off and refocusing on video. This really saddens me. I love Genius's annotation stuff, even if the software is kind of horrible.

Look, there is a Google Pi API. That's fun.

I really enjoyed Reply All's Episode #90, Matt Lieber Goes to Dinner. Basically @mlieber talks to @doctorow about how YouTube and Netflix are actively working to break the internet. Tim Berners-Lee has also apparently lost it. The whole topic makes me angry. If this gets approved, I say we fork the internet.

NPR's All Songs Considered put out two great episodes though, both of which have a little Elliott Smith, which makes me happy.

@reed's team pushed out Uptime, which looks kind of cool.

An Update on Grief: How a Campaign Staffer Deals by @jesslivmo is great.

Commands as a Service with Cmd.io is fascinatingly weird.

Destiny Will Come To An End With T-Shirts seems about right. I love Destiny, and I wear T-Shirts, so I will be doing this.

A Simple Web Scraper in Go is a nice little read after @saturnial and I did this as a Code Kata a few days ago.

joshbuchea/HEAD: A list of everything that could go in the <head> of your document is great if you write HTML for a living.

In the money world, I read two great posts today:

That's it. Lots of other good stuff out there, but that's all for now.

Love you all, have a great week.