Whee, #happy Saturday!

Youtube often answers questions I have about the world, for instance, Do Gay People Care About John Oliver?

I'm pretty excited for APFS to come out, so I'm excited that iOS 10.3 will automatically upgrade your filesystem, even though I don't have an iPhone.

I listened to two great Longform episodes this week: Ana Marie Cox & Alexis C. Madrigal.

I'm Raising money for Journalism, please donate if you can.

I Ignored Trump News for a Week. Here’s What I Learned was a good read.

I'm pretty excited about Netflix Stethoscope.




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I've been consistently failing to write these #happy posts. My excuses are long and varied, but none of them are good. Nor did their outcome compensate for the happiness these posts bring me. I'm starting a timer today while writing this. Just to prove to myself how long these take to write. So then, maybe I'll get back to my weekly schedule.

So, I'm home sick with the flu (or something that looks like it at least...), and even with that, I still can't get a #happy post out on time. But that being said, here's a week's worth of links that I enjoyed.