Project #tenbysix Update #19

So, It's been seventeen days since my last update. Don't worry, the shame is strong. I've been trying to come up with reasons for why I slacked on this. Is it burn out? Is it depression? Do I just not have enough time? Something else? I'll ruminate about this somewhere, but for now, here's an update. Only five weeks left!

Stuff I worked on since last update:

I got a very crude version of longplay.club working at http://longplay.herokuapp.com/. It's broken right now, but the general idea is to take piano chords and follow the circle of fifths to join them together. Right now I'm just shoving ten random chords together.

I'm thinking about abandoning Billow.in, in favor of specing out a cloud music storage system... but I don't really know. With only five weeks left, I'm on the fence what I want to do. It's the only project I haven't started. I've got a poll up on twitter if you wanna express your opinion:

I took Today, and added tests to the very simple story scraper I had built. It now scrapes singles posts pretty well, but sketching out thoughts, I still have no idea what the actual articles it should pull up are.

For locative.garden, I started playing with the Physical Web and the Eddystone spec. This is actually what I want I think, just need to figure out how to verify a user visiting the Eddystone url is actually nearby.

Projects I didn't touch: