You know what I love? Hot Coffee. You know why I love Hot Coffee? Because thanks to the whole lawsuit thing, Hot Coffee doesn't remind me of the wonderfully delicious drink, instead it reminds me of coding and the nerd culture as a whole.

This weekend I attended SuperHappyDevHouse 19, known affectionately as shdh19. Shdh, is at it's core a place for geek, nerds, designers, and developers of all kinds to meet, greet, and possibly even get a few personal projects pounded out in code. This time, shdh was located in Los Gatos, which was awesome because it was near my house. I originally went with the goal of programming, but ended up spending more time meeting people, which was better for me, I think, because I really don't know a ton of people in the area with the same interests as me. This of course is due to the fact that I haven't attended more of these events, not because they don't exist. Because in all honesty, finding computer "enthusiasts" in Silicon Valley is like finding people with bad teeth in fifteen century Britain.

Anywho, here is a list of some of the people I met:

I met way more than this, although I have the memory of a ninety year old woman. A few others I have business cards sitting on my desk at home, which I'll add soon, I promise.

The photo taken by CNet on Flickr

There was also this CNet reporter, whose name I forgot to write down. I described my project to her, and I am a little worried about how she interpreted it. Also, I probably shouldn't have mentioned what school I went to, but whatever. If i am lucky I won't even end up in the article. She did take a good picture of me though, which was cool.

Anyway, my photos are up on Flickr, and all of the photos taken by everyone at the event are tagged SHDH19. It was a blast and I can't wait till my next geek event this summer, BarCampBlock.