Cyberpunk, Gibson, and the Consumerwhore

What's this? My favorite Genre, Author, and state of mind, all in one post? Hurrah!

Ok, I discovered a wonderful thing last year, right before the infamous wipe of my archives. This wonderful thing was a new Gibson book. I was so happy in my discovery I created a Wikipedia post on it, and then forgot about it. Right before Harry Potter premiered, I checked up on the article, only to find it was coming out a few days later. Huzzah!

But at the same time I had started my internship at Adobe, and thus it slipped again from my memory. Thankfully though, Michael Heilemann showed me the light, when I stumbled across his post. Praise the gods, Spook Country has been released and I will be going to buy it tomorrow.

So yes, That is my first piece of consumerwhoreism. Also tomorrow I will in theory be ordering my new computer, and possibly picking up some manga. Basically I will be left overjoyed, and my bank account will be crying like a rape victim.

But enough of my bad analogies and metaphors. If you haven't read any of Gibson's work, I highly recommend his writing. The best three books that he has written so far I believe are Neuromancer, Burning Chrome, and Pattern Recognition.

In other news, my server is running like a drunk fat twelve year old. Needless to say, all of my sites are suffering from his choice to break the law and drink. No alcohol on the job kid!


p.s. I never did mention this but I read and loved the latest Harry Potter. I have a half written post just sitting here as a review, but meh, Just go read it yourself.