It's June! A #happy post, on time and in the can.

First, two music mix podcast episodes from the great @alexbaldwin:

Alex also introduced me to "Binging with Babish", my new favorite cooking youtube channel:

Buzzfeed did a Tom Hanks + The Intercept shoutout.

I hadn't heard of Gandi Domains before, but they are playing around with .xyz: Introducing the 1.111B Class of .xyz domains

This is the one of the more sad tech job stories I've heard in awhile: Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job. This CTO should be fired.

Been meaning to figure this out for a while, now I know: Montreal-Style vs. New York-Style Bagels.

Maciej Cegłowski, Pinboard - XOXO Festival (2013) is a solid talk. Thanks to @jonbuda for suggesting it.

@dmpatierno turned me on to @matt_levine's writing a few months ago, and this week he had two posts that made me laugh particularly hard:

Speaking of economics, two good bitcoin reads this week:

I cooked Crab Fried Rice but used a cast iron skillet and chicken, and it turned out really well. Would recommend.

Why do so few people major in computer science? is an interesting question and it does perplex me.

The Place Where Letters To Hillary Clinton Go is a fun read and me miss @hfa.

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds is just depressing.

I love Destiny, so was excited to read Destiny 2: What we know by Polygon. Not enough to convince me to preorder yet... but I'm getting there.

From the time "The Coat of Arms Said ‘Integrity.’ Now It Says ‘Trump.’" killed me. Trump is just such a dick.

I love the Stoner Podcast, and Episode 08: Alexandra Chasin was a fascinating listen to the history of Marijuana regulation.

Have a great week!