What's making me happy 2017-06-11

A late night #happy post. I spent the weekend rearranging and organizing the apartment with @mel_cantrell. It's slowly starting to feel like home. But let's talk about things I consumed, not things I did!

I loved Wonder Woman. I think all the hype is deserved. It was a good action movie, well done, had great writing and well done action scenes.

It's E3 season, so lots of video game trailers making me remember how much I love the medium currently:

False Knees is a webcomic that @Yuffster shared. It's hilarious and fantastic and I love it. I also really enjoyed this comic: It’s the End of the World - Again.

Sure, He’s Good at Basketball, but How Are His Twitter Skills? really spoke to me. It's something I hadn't really thought about, but makes a ton of sense at how different sports leagues have different marketing strategies and which are working better with certain generations.

RIP actor Adam West.

Look, I love clocks, and here's an old list of Weird Internet Clocks.

Controversy alert: The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century So Far. I've only seen about half of these, but do want to see them all.

Spent far too much time thinking about the things James Comey said this week:

I had never heard about how few drivers in NY get prosecuted for hitting pedestrians... which is kind of scary. NYC Drivers Injured 1,083 Pedestrians and Cyclists in March, and Killed 12

In programming things:

I'm surprised this hasn't been happening more often: Linux worm turns Raspberry Pis into cryptocurrency mining bots.

I feel like I read a lot of Recurse Center summaries this week, but apparently only bookmarked two... which is weird... since I bookmark everything I read.

This is a valid point on cloud hosting: Bandwidth Costs of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

My work was in the news last week. I have no comment, and know nothing, but Errata Security: How The Intercept Outed Reality Winner was an interesting read from a technical standpoint.

Speaking of operational security, it's being written about more and more lately. I don't agree with everything said in these, but they are all interesting opinions:

Finally, I've been researching signing up for either Playstation Vue or Youtube TV, and Turner CEO: YouTube TV Made A “Big Mistake” was a good read on what the differences are right now in regards to programming.

Anyways, have a great week!