Day 19

I spent some time thinking about projects for this week, but most of the afternoon was spent walking. I followed the coastline with Kate after getting coffee. I tried to make a rough map of the route we followed:


I read an interesting quote by Frank Miller from his AmA where he was asked what the best advice he had ever recieved was:

I love to quote Kurt Vonnegut here without attributing it to him. He was asked what advice he would give new writers, and he said "never use semicolons." He was being funny but he was accurate. The best advice I received was probably from Neil Adams, the artist, and he looked at my work when I was an amateur, he was one of my earliest teachers, and he just looked at the work pieces, which was usually done in Comic Book Land because he was publishing back in the 70s when people were very rough on you. And he just said to me "artists are people who know how things work." And that stuck with me. That if I was going to draw something, I had better know how it was drawn together. Including something as virtually impossible as the human body. We've got a LOT of movable parts. And each has a very different function. But getting back to the advice thing, there was also the advice that Will Eisner gave me, which was "never lose track, the story is the thing. The story is all that matters, and everything you do should be in service of the story."

Something to think about.



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I spent Saturday at Different Games, which was held at NYU MAGNET. The talks were very focused on promoting the diversity of video games. Diversity in controllers, characters, play styles and the people creating them. Probably the coolest talk was about building controllers by @iColpitts, where we built a duck feeding game. I didn't enjoy myself as much as I had hoped though.

Today was a day spent thinking and recharging. I didn't go into RC because I had this theory after last week that if I took Friday off, I wouldn't be so burnt out that I couldn't explore NYC on the weekends (and have energy for socializing and the like).

Wow, almost twenty days in NYC. Today was a low key day. I wandered around Prospect Park, checked out a possible apartment, drank some coffee.