Blargh. Monday. I failed to write anything. to the max. So tonight you get two days for the price of one!

On Monday I was feeling that I wasn't getting anything done. By the end of Tuesday, that feeling had disappeared. I think it's entirely due to not coding. It was advised when our batch started that you should try and write some code every day. I had been ignoring that advice, and now I realize that was a huge mistake. Another theory is that writing daily snapshots might be causing me to focus on a period of time too small to notice progress. But I think I'm going to continue writing these for now, I enjoy them.

On Day 20 (about one fifth of my time in NYC, one day into week three of twelve of RC) I spent most of the day chatting with Ken about two week long Go projects we could do together. We talked about games, visualizations, real time data processing, all kinds of stuff. After talking to Mary, we ended up on a multiplayer asteroids. This has a lot of interesting problems, particularly client-side prediction. So on Day 20, we set up our deployment environment and got our repo set up. That filed about two hours, and then we headed over to the Monday Night Talk.

The talk was in a new location with a gorgeous view. The talk was by @r0ml, whom had a lot of interesting ideas to propose to us about the future of programming and computing. I didn't take any notes, but Luna has a fantastic summary. @r0ml recommended we all read A Handbook of Software and Systems Engineering, which I can't find an ebook copy of, so who knows if I'll ever consume it, but sounds interesting.

On Tuesday (Day 21), Ken and I spent the day coding Hyperspace. I focused on making the frontend javascript game, and Ken focused on creating the backend. I didn't take any videos of multiplayer (which Ken got a basic version of working) just because I didn't have enough hands, but I got a bunch of progress Vines throughout the day:

Just making as much progress as we did made me super happy, so hopefully it continues!




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Today (Well technically yesterday, as I'm posting this a day late) I Learned that RC is much quieter on Fridays. Spent the morning working through implementing an Archive page for this blog. It's been awhile since I've written much Go, so I feel like I forgot everything.

I spent the day working with Pam on finishing ShhParty. We got to the point where everything worked flawlessly. Next step is make it shiny.

Today was the first truly bad commute in NYC. Train got stuck for at least fifteen minutes, so I ended up abandoning the G train and walking a bit, which was fine, because it was gorgeous out! During my walk and long commute, I listened to the latest Design Matters. Morley talked about how a mentor told her to look in the mirror and say "I love you" every day for a year. I found this concept frightening, which is very interesting to me. Her following point really hit the idea home, which was "if you can't love yourself, how can you expect others to love you" (paraphrased). Later in the day, I was watching Kendrick Lamar perform "i", and I realized he was saying the same thing, so I read through the lyrics. The annotations led me to this gem by Kendrick: