Loops and stuff

So, Ableton put together this video of one of my favorite bands, Battles, on how they create music.

Battles uses all kinds of crazy loops and stuff to make their music. The accompanying blog article has a quote that kind of summarizes the weird sorts of things they are doing:

I like to get sort of funky with it by re-sampling the sample. You can send one audio loop, say, re-record it onto three tracks, into three clip slots, and then in those three clips slots you can play with the start point. I like to do this thing – and I've made a lot of loops using this technique – it's almost like beat-juggling as a DJ, but you're just doing the speaker on-off trick. So you're bouncing between the three loops – it's the exact same sample on all three tracks – and if the start points are slightly different you can get into some really cool dancing kind of rhythms. - Ian Williams

The Song Exploder episodes for Anamanaguchi, The Album Leaf, Baths and Tycho also talk about creating loops in music. All of this is pretty cool. Makes me want to get my act together again and finish building my drum machine.



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I spent most of the day working with Pam on flushing out her idea for ShhParty. We did a bunch of whiteboarding and chatting about how to build something that doesn't know about its clients.

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I flew to Los Gatos on Friday, to attend my brother's High School graduation. I'm super proud of him. We have a generally weird relationship given that I'm nine years older than him. He's just entering college, and I've been out of college for a few years. That being said, I love him to death. He's incredibly talented and way smarter than me (and also in way better shape, I need to get on that).