Pocket Casts + What I am listening to

I just started listening to http://songexploder.net/ after being recommended it a ton of times. The reason I finally took the plunge was being recommended it by Pocket Casts, which I just switched to from Podcast Addict.

PocketCasts has been pretty good so far. It has most of the features I want in a podcast listener, and recommends podcasts, which is always nice. The two features they seem broken:

  1. Unsubscribing from a podcast is hidden in the settings for a podcast.
  2. You can easily mass mark episodes as listened to, but to mark them as unlistened, you either have to add them to a playlist, or go through one by one, which is a pain.

What I'm listening to now:


  • Internet of Things: Haven't listened to yet, was recommended.
  • Science Friday: I listen to one or two a month. These are pretty hit or miss.
  • Reconcilable Differences: New Merlin Mann. I love his stuff, but I'm not sold on this yet.
  • What's The Point: I like @fivethirtyeight's writing, and these have been good so far.
  • XLR8R: Great electronic music
  • Roderick on the Line: Good, but I can only listen to one or two a week before I get overwhelmed. Highly recommend starting at the beginning, it's just so many inside jokes now. I usually listen to the newest episode and an older episode each week.
  • Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men: A couple tries to explain x-men plot lines. Hilarious.
  • Isometric: Recommended, have not listened to yet.
  • Coffee & Cider: I love these two, but I'm not sold on it yet. It's like a short Roderick.
  • Design Matters: The best design interviews out there. I think in my three or four years listening I can only remember one bad interview (the episode she interviewed the two guys from Mailchimp).
  • Sufficiently Human: Good, but I think they stopped making them.
  • Song Exploder: Great discussions on song creation by the artists themselves.
  • Startup: Each season follows a startup.
  • ReplyAll: Interesting stories from the internet. I really love their Yes, Yes, No segment where they explain internet phenomena.
  • Mystery Show: Weird premise, but cool stories about weird mysteries.

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