First Seven Jobs

There's a whole hashtag thing going on on twitter called #firstsevenjobs. According to Twitter Moments, a tweet by Marian Call started the whole thing.

What were your first 7 jobs? Babysitting, janitorial, slinging coffee, yard work, writing radio news, voice\-overs, data entry/secretarial— Marian Call \(@mariancall\) August 5, 2016

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about it, and realized I've had more jobs than I thought. I decided to join the meme and write it out. It's not in a tweet, but still fun.

  1. Babysitter
  2. Redwood Grove Nature Camp Counselor (two summers in a row)
  3. Camp Oljato Boy Scout Camp Counselor (three summers in a row)
  4. Sysadmin / IT Person County of Sonoma
  5. Camp Oljato Boy Scout Camp Area Director
  6. Cal Poly Lab Monitor
  7. Intern at Adobe (two summers in a row)

This kind of blows my mind, I had forgotten how I much I had worked before I started a job that ended up being my career. A bunch of my friends (and people I follow) posted to the tweet as well, and it was cool to discover many had interesting jobs before they ended up in the profession of choice. What's also fun to realize that some will probably change fields again. Also, this reminds me that I love how many people come to tech from unusual and fun backgrounds.

#firstsevenjobs 1 web designer2 dishwasher3 web master4 financial analyst5 management consultant6 googler7 founder @onuniverse— Kayvon Tehranian \(@saturnial\) August 6, 2016

#firstsevenjobslemonade resellerlawn maintainerjazz composermath tutorwriterwhatever was available on Craigslisthalfhearted physicist— yan \(@bcrypt\) August 7, 2016

math tutor, math camp counsellor, math tutor, lab assistant, math summer researcher, math TA, grad student #firstsevenjobs— Julia Evans \(@b0rk\) August 7, 2016

#firstsevenjobs Litter pick\-upKitchen helpOffice tempTeaching assistantWeekly newspaper editorWebmasterCustomer service rep— Riley Martinez\-Lynch \(@rgm\_l\) August 7, 2016

Garden center asstVet clinic dog walkerRetail clothing sales associateCar detailerServerBaristaUSPS mail sorter#firstsevenjobs— Jessica Sorrell \(@OptimistsInc\) August 7, 2016

#firstsevenjobs TelemarketerRetail CashierMall AttendantStudent AssistantDesignerRetail CashierProduction Designer— Mina Markham \(@MinaMarkham\) August 7, 2016

#firstsevenjobsWaffle House cook,Jimmy Johns driver,Factory laborer,Factory laborer,Factory laborer,Data analyst,Systems Operator.— ᴱʳᶰᵉˢᵗ ᵂ⋅ ᴰᵘʳᵇᶦᶰ ᴵᴵᴵ \(@EWDurbin\) August 6, 2016

#first7jobsBabysitterGrocery baggerGrocery cashierAdministrative assistantExecutive assistantStay\-at\-home momLecturer— #annsplaining \(@anyharder\) August 7, 2016

babysittersnowcone makerwaitressPR for science groupimaging lab consultanttechnology consultant/managerstartup#first7jobs— Michelle Wetzler \(@michellewetzler\) August 7, 2016

Soccer refFry guy @ mcdonaldsCashier Book store clerkMath tutor Game economist Festival techie #firststevenjobs— o\(^^Q\) \(@niket\) August 8, 2016