Hey all, #happy time.

I watched two animated animal films this week:

Both were good #movies, although Pets was much more aimed at children, and Zootopia feels like a movie I can recommend to anyone. If you had to pick one, I'd say go see Zootopia. It deserves to win animated film of the year.

In work related things, I loved reading the profile of Google disaster-recovery-testing boss Kripa Krishnan. DiRT was one of my favorite things at Google, and Kripa is amazing.

I really enjoyed @theGrugq's Cyber Showdown. I've been thinking about it all day, and I think I need to write a full post on my thoughts, but at the base level, I completely agree with what this post is saying.

I am quite enjoying the "First Seven Jobs" meme.

Storing Pokémon without SQL was a nice writeup of someone walking through their thought process while designing a storage system for a certain type of data.

If you ignore the marketing, @chrismessina's I am a process was pretty good.

I love Milton Glaser, and I'm excited about his most recent project: Milton Glaser Wants You to Prove You Exist.

Finally, I spent about a year in college designing a text editor, so discovering this page was a total nerdgasam: TextEditors Wiki: Designing Text Editors.

Have a great week!



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Ok, so I actually broke my blog this week, so I couldn't post my #happy post until I fixed it. One of the downsides of artisanal web apps: it's your fault if they break. But we're back, so I'm back!

Ok, it's been a real long while, but lets try and do a #happy post. I'll try and not include a single article on US Politics, even though that's a large portion of my media intake these days.