I like to write. I'm happier when I have a random idea for a blog post, and then sit down and pound it out.

Today's Penny Arcade introduced me to a new type of writing:


This sounded amazing. I wanted into this. So in the past thirty minutes I've been researching (shit, gonna be late to work). The app Tycho is mentioning is Hooked. Hooked is built by Telepathic and the general gist is a chat app for telling stories.

Googling for microfiction turns up a few things. One article describes microfiction as single paragraph stories. Another site I found publishes these stories every monday.

Finally there is a story in Vogue about how the founders of this company sold a bunch of their posesstions and floated around the world.

So yeah, this sounds neat, I'm going to try and write some stories like this short, or in chat form. Sad the app isn't on Android, but that's normal.

Ok, now, I need to leave for work.



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My mom recently made a brief blog post about how our artistic views are different. I found the comparison that she made of our two photos really interesting. I think it is interesting because you can see how different our view of beauty in nature is and how we see things differently. So we may both agree that I currently take a more minimalistic approach to photography, but I would like to show how gorgeous her paintings are

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