Project #tenbysix Update #2

Ok, week two of #tenbysix. As a reminder this project is my attempt to build ten prototypes by June. A bunch of other Recurse Center people have pledged to participate as well.

Stuff I worked on this week:

So it was Saturday morning, and I realized I hadn't done any work on any of my projects this week. So I sat down and wrote a quick architecture plan into the README of Creepermon. I then coded up a config file format and a parser for it. This is some ugly code, but the goal is to ship something quick, not necessarily pretty. Cleanup can come later.

I'm gonna shove my data into Keen.io because their free tier is larger than the Heroku free database (50k entries versus 10k entries). I think I'll want to scrape 10 websites, so if I scrape every ten minutes, I can store a month's worth of data per website. This isn't great, but it works. I guess eventually I'll want to host my own database of some sort.

Projects I didn't touch: