What's making me happy 2016-01-30

This week was great. Week 2 at the campaign, and I'm still #happy. At some point burnout will probably set in, but I've got time. In terms of media I consumed, there was some definite good stuff.

I started the week listening to the Where There's Smoke's episode on will power. This was really interesting, it definitely put a spin on how I think about my goals and evaluating if I'll achieve them

I watched this guy snowboard across NYC, which was a fun video making light of the fact that NY got dumped on over the weekend.

There were two great pieces on video games:

I haven't played Churchill's Solitaire, but it sounds like fun. I might try it on a deck of cards since there is no android version. And I love minimetro, I've mentioned it in past posts, and this review of it by the guys at Penny Arcade really point out its flaws and benefits.

I read through a lot of IamA male model, AMA! on reddit, which was comedic gold.

I came across two great personal websites as well, Julie Ann Horvath and Susan Lin

On Friday, @lara_hogan gave a great talk about Designing for Performance which was fantastic. I also learned about her amazing Donut Manifesto. I learned so much from her!

In the world of politics, I enjoyed reading @newrepublic's Is Nominating Bernie Sanders a Worthwhile Gamble? and What Happens If Bernie Sanders Wins Iowa by @fivethirtyeight. Since before this election I never really followed primaries, I'm finding all the analysis of the competition really interesting. It's also basically necessary reading for me, so I know what the heck people are talking about. Speaking of which, another shout out for NPR's Politics Podcast, which doesn't let me link to individual episodes, but I've been really enjoying all of the content they have been putting out.

I hope you had a good week as well, and I wish you have an even better one next week!