Water by Nat W.

Oi, I am tired.

Life these last few days has not been kind. I picked up world of warcraft (which is awesome i might add) but i can't play it due to large amounts of work.

What large amounts of work you ask? Well I had a program due Monday at 5pm, didn't meet that deadline. I could have turned it in today at 5pm for a B, didn't meet that deadline. Now i have till 5pm tomorrow to get a C, which i will do, i am nearly done, just have to figure out why my computer won't add things right. But still, it's a heavy weight on my sholders that i want to fling off, and it's just getting heavier every second i wait.

Anyway, lots of new photos up on Flickr, and speaking of which i need to write an article about my new camera :p

Also site is still in progress. Once i get a free weekend or heck a free day, i'll bust it out and i also plan on starting to write quality again some time soon.