Today in the news i didn't read

Cracked Glass Cracked Glass by Nat W.

Breaking news! Two days of posting in a row! Read now!


That was overly dramatic. Anyway, new WOW patch is in the wild, which supposedly nerfed my character, but it doesn't matter to me that much, but if you have a high level hunter you may be crying in your dark room, or it is very possible you just don't care.

In other news Steve Rubel claims The World is Ending, or at least history is repeating itself. This could be very bad for Silicon Valley, but i have a feeling it will be no where near as bad as it's previous encounter. What makes this one so special? Web 2.0 didn't get time to build itself up. You know the phrase the bigger you are, the harder you fall? Well it works in reverse too, the smaller you are, the less anyone cares.

Hack-A-Day, one of my favorite sites, released an article, about you you can mod your wiiMote to kill people.

John Kerry will not be running for presidency, Hallelujah, although i don't know if i can support a woman who believes Jack Thompson.

Record companies are offering free music to students, but they are stupidly following Microsoft's broken and unpopular encryption scheme. I'm not sure about the rest of you fools, but the one thing Microsoft doesn't get, it's students, and this, while a move in the right direction, is still not quite what is needed.

Finally, the president is moving to reinstate the "No Child Left Behind Act," which i am very opposed to, although i can't honestly come up with a better idea. I mean i really don't think standardized testing allows schools or students to flourish, but how else do we set up a way to test whether students deserve their diploma? The Other problem i have is that this new version allows the government to override state law, which i am never okay with...

Anyway that's the news, or at least what i found interesting. I honestly did read those stories, I am just a chronic liar.

heh heh, Hasta.