What's making me happy 2016-11-01

November! New #happy post. New month.

Let's start off with what I am telling everyone is the best thirty minutes of television this election season: The Daily Show, October 31, 2016.

No where near as good, but still cool, is the Silver Surfer in NYC video.

ASAD released the first of his new series of music videos called BERLIN. Really enjoying it.

Probably my favorite design firm right now is automato.farm, and their newest piece "Politics of Power" is so cool.

Earlier last week, I wrote up my favorite endorsements of Hillary Clinton.

GifCities is just a beautiful archive of internet culture

ZEIº is a neat Kickstarter that @pw10n sent me. Send him your love, he got married last weekend

The US presidential election is a week from today! Please vote!