What's making me happy 2017-05-28

So... it's been five weeks since I last wrote one of these... my shame is great. I've been sick, and I also was traveling for a bit, so I guess that's a valid excuse? Not really... but #shrugs.

Here is what's been making me #happy this week!

What Kind Of Idiot Gets Phished? is a fun podcast exploration into phishing and the psychology behind it.

The Media's Best-Kept Secret Was A Free Wall Street Journal Login, And Now It's Gone is fascinating. I'm not surprised it existed, but man I would love a post-mortem from the WSJ.

A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps by @justinobeirne is a fascinating read on design changes over time.

This advice I think only makes sense for a certain type of person, but it's interesting: Building a startup? Build an audience, first. by @rrhoover.

Storytelling Should Be the Number One Skill You Want to Improve is valid advice, although the article itself is kind of weak.

Club Abstract on Google Play Music is my new favorite radio station. Been working to it all week!

There is nothing worthwhile in Forbes Odds And Winning Predictions For Golden State Warriors Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, but hey, anything that says the Warriors will win is ok in my book.

Someone is using other people's names to file ant-net-neutrality posts to the FCC. My general thought is Russia, but that's now my scapegoat for all internet shenanigans, which they definitely don't hold a monopoly on.

Jeffrey Gettleman on the Longform Podcast is an amazing interview. His life makes my life seem so boring.

This weeks tech drama piece: Chrome won, by the former CTO of Mozilla.

In posts that I read because the headline pun was amazing: Take a Load Off. The Robots That Fold Laundry Are Coming.

At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death is a beautiful article about life and death.

I've been told that if you want to work at the intersection of tech and politics, you need to read So you want to reform democracy. I'm not sure if I agree, but it's an interesting read.

How to Build a Robust Scheduled Task Service in AWS Using Cloudwatch, Lambda, DynamoDB and ECS is a fun thing to think about, and a reminder that every company reinvents scheduled workers for some reason.

OnePassword Travel Mode: Protect your data when crossing borders is a thing that is useful if you use OnePassword (which I switched to from LastPass a few months ago).

A review of Hasan Minhaj's Netflix Standup special: The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj crafts a hilarious, spellbinding immigrant story. You should watch the special if you can. As someone on Facebook put it, "72 minutes of every single emotion".

In TIL: Linux utils that you might not know by @igor_sarcevic.

Overtime with Kelli Anderson is just a fun interview with an artist.

I've been wanting to do this for a while: A month of breaking news alerts, visualized

I spent a decent amount of time over the last two weeks playing with influxdata/TICK-docker. The TICK stack is my new favorite open source monitoring tool. We'll see how long that lasts.

Anyways, have a great week!