KFOG acknowledges mistake

I woke up to something beautiful this morning. A voice was on the radio, and it was apologizing. The voice was Denis Constantine, the head of KFOG. And he was apologizing for presenting a radio show which was not what the listeners wanted. A few weeks after trying something new, KFOG came on the air, said that their experiment failed, and presented its listeners with new Morning Show hosts.

This is fantastic, because the most recent format sucked. I've been listening to KFOG every morning since the third grade, and waking up to Dave Morey's voice and great music put a smile on my face every day. I learned something usually through programs like "My Three Songs" and the morning news. KFOG's morning show helped defined me as a person for years, and to see such a change saddened me greatly.

Some reference so you can form your own opinions.

No articles seem to be out there for the second rebuilding, but I'll keep an eye out.