After a very straight forward talk showcasing all of the data on the internet that has been lost in the last few years, I've been spending the day thinking about what I need to change. Here is a list of my next steps, I think.

  1. Get a simple version of NatTape out. iTunes Match and Google Music are losing and breaking my playlists.
  2. Finish moving, and a few other small sites to AWS or a comparable cloud.
  3. Switch cloud server to Nginx.
  4. Backup all photos on Flickr. Automate and cron.
  5. Backup all posts on Twitter, G+, Facebook and related conversations. Automate and cron.
  6. Automate backup of all code on Github and Gists.
  7. Rebuild home backup server.
  8. Mirror all remote backups locally.
  9. Backup Music and clean out library.
  10. Backup Videos and clean out and organize library.
  11. Build alerting system to verify stability of backups.
  12. Build similar tool to @t to post on one site and have it share outwardly.

Note to self, a little more explanation for the public might be useful here...



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Slow day today. I went to The Ulitimate Science Street Fair in Washington Square Park with a few people from RC. We walked around for about an hour before the heat started to get to me and I ran back and hid in a room with AC.

I spent Saturday at the Soundscapes Music Hackathon. It was interesting, and a well run event, but I just didn't know enough music stuff to quickly hack something together that I wanted to present.

I spent the end of August at Burning Man, in the wonderful [Black Rock City, Nevada][brc-map]. I had a fantastic time. Such a good time in fact that I've been avoiding writing this post as a method of avoiding the remorse of not being there anymore.