Good Morning, hope you're doing alright. Here's a bunch of links making me #happy this week.

I like reading about fashion in general, but my favorite thing to read about is new fashion designers. They always have fascinating art for people to put on their bodies. The NYT's list of four new Labels to checkout is no exception to this.

The whole Chelsea Manning & Harvard thing depressed me, but it was a nice reminder of how divisive what she did was. My favorite part of the whole thing is discovering that Chelsea's email and voicemail both explicitly say that she's not available for interviews.

Interstitial Journaling seems like a fresh approach to productivity. I want to give it a try. Hoping to do that next week at work.

H A R V E S T is an elegant art project. It's the sort of thing I wish I had created.

I always love a good What I did at RC post, and I enjoyed @_1134's post.

I enjoyed the tears and emotions that all of the Hillary Clinton book news brought me this week. I cried on both a subway and in a sushi restaurant reading What Happened. There was a lot of coverage around it all, and some cool posts for former @hfa members.

Everything is gorgeous, and I am lost is an interesting take on the current state of web design.

Flying Lotus Scores New Blade Runner 2022 Animated Short Film has me excited. I love both of these people and want them to create amazing art together.

J.J. ABRAMS TO WRITE AND DIRECT STAR WARS: EPISODE IX. Why yes, I am excited... how did you know?

This person has way too much Nikon stuff.

I think Google CRE is the best thing happening in cloud operations right now, and I enjoyed the article Dave Rensin on Pokemon Go and Home Depot.

If this means more blue bottle shops, and Nescafe shops stopping being horrible, I'm all for it: Nestlé breaks into US hipster coffee market with Blue Bottle deal

The spirit of ‘77, reimagined for 2017 is a cool design story talking about the rebranding of the new Polaroid, and The Verge's article about their new camera is great.

I love the social dynamics inside of EVE, so How EVE Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal In Its History was an interesting read.

I'm excited Cornell Tech is opening.

NSA Broke the Encryption on File-Sharing Apps Kazaa and eDonkey by @micahflee made me laugh.

Two very different pieces of Bay Area architecture:

The title says it all: I Look Like Martin Shkreli, and It’s Ruining My Life

Where to Party in New York This Fall is a useless article to me, but an interesting look at the NY club scene.

Sad to hear that Senior House at MIT died, but learned a lot about the school culture, which was fascinating.

Build A Personal Power Plant For $200.

An interesting take on the security of curl.

I hope you have a great week!